Hewescraft problems

Hewescraft problems

Discussion in ' Das Boot! Boating discussions ' started by Bay WolfNov 3, Log in or Sign up. Hewes Searunner water trapped??

Joined: Jun 26, Messages: 1, Got an 08 Searunner I pulled the floorboards today to do an inspection. I found two area's of standing water under the boards in the back where the batteries sit.

Just wondering if anyone has a fix for this? Bay WolfNov 3, Remove Advertisement. Joined: Jan 15, Messages: I would call Hewes Craft. I have the same problem with another brand of Boat.

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The rear inboard drain holes drain very slow and clog up. Let me know what Hewes come up with. Thanks in Advance. Joined: Jan 9, Messages: 2, By all means call Hewes Craft, but you could just drill or cut out some bigger limber holes to help it drain. Im always careful to sweep up most the dirt on the deck so as not to wash a bunch of crud off the deck that just clogs things up under there.

I pull my floorboards up occasionally, and clean under there to make sure things are running back like they should. It might be a bit of a hastle to take the boat in for something that simple, especially if you have the boards up now When they built it someone probably just forgot to cut some holes. Many times those limber holes are kinda small, and it doesn't take much dirt, sand, fishing line etc to clog them up.

Fishing line is hard on the bilge pump Done deal! The drain holes they are just cut outs on the box beam where it meets the transom were full of foam. Bored out the foam, enlarged the holes. I then cleaned all my boards. I then put the boards back and caulked the seams.Hachimo Started Thursday at AM. Shammski33 Started Wednesday at PM. Hachimo Posted 38 minutes ago. Kevin J Legg Posted 7 hours ago. Sarge Posted 8 hours ago. Instant Fishing Reports. Direct to your inbox. Keep catch records.

Fishing Magazine. By ddubs3November 1, in This Old Boat. So I just totaled the Tracker Targa 18WT that we had for the past four years and it is time for a new boat. I don't want another Tracker because I feel the platform in back really cuts down on fishing room and makes it hard for older guys to work the rods and fight fish. We also had a terrible experience with the marina we bought the boat from and had nothing but problems with the trailer Right now we are considering three different manufacturers and are looking for input and experiences.

hewescraft problems

Will probably bought something in the ' range. We will need cover from the elements and I don't want an inboard.

Hewescraft by Hewes Marine

My wife and I almost exclusively troll for walleye, salmon, and trout on Erie and Ontario. I've always considered these the "Cadillacs" of aluminum fishing boats. They seem to have a lot of available features, but are pricey. I've seen quite a few while trolling. The Sport Angler looks appropriate for what we want to do. I've seen a few of these trolling and really like the design, but they seem to be bare bones without many features.

The Phantoms look nice. I've never seen one of these while trolling, but a guy I know keeps one on Ontario. He loves it and the design and features look really nice.Forums New posts Classifieds Gallery Search forums. Local Knowledge. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced….

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Well this is disappointing Hewescraft corrosion. Thread starter bigdood Start date May 14, Apr 5, 1, PNW www. Recently got my boat back from Hewescraft after having some warranty work done window gasket issue, bubbling paint around screws on the walkthrough window and a weird bulkhead gap issue fixed. Was out changing my oil and doing some work to get ready for a trip next week and saw the below corrosion.

It's like every single screw that Hewescraft put into the boat from the factory didn't have TEF gel or any other way to hold off corrosion.

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Literally every I figured it was inevitable even with a good Salt Away scrub and rinse after every use, just figured the boat would be more than two years old before this happened, hell if it was 10 years old I'd understand.

I realize it's a tool I realize that salt and aluminum that hasn't been acid etched will always have issues but I guess I expected the factory to at least take the two seconds to TEF the screws or isolate them in some way given the price of these things. Rant off and pre-emptive mention of Clorox bottles before someone else does.

hewescraft problems

I've got bubbling by the cleats as well, anything proactive I can do there? Last edited: May 14, Barracuda1 Master of None. Jul 7, 3, 1, All over this bitch!

Been there, done that. Sep 15, 8, 8, maple valley, wa Name laurence Boat Vacancy. That sucks. I read on the interweb salt an metal don't mix Reactions: Genie AyeFlying Arima and bigdood.

Yor making things worse by using saltaway, its an acid. Is this something the manufacturer is liable for? Seems staightforward. Clockwork I've posted enough I should edit this section. I think you gotta remove the screw, sand the paint offor, prep and repaint.It is currently:. Last visit was: Sat Apr 18, am.

hewescraft problems

Quick links. Previous topic Next topic 39 posts 1 2 Next. I am new to posting here as I have only "lurked" or read numerous posts and forums on the subject that I am posting on. At the risk of repeating many other topics I am bringing up the corrosion issue again to get ideas to deal with my situation.

I originally reached out to Kevin Morin who in my opinion is the most knowledgeable, most experienced in dealing with these issues. Here is the Private Message that I sent him along with his response. I will post pictures of my situation that I feel that I have control to fix.

I thought I did my research before buying this boat but I keep reading about more issues that Hewescraft owners are experiencing. Hey Kevin, I've looked through a great deal of the forums searching for an answer with no luck so I am coming to you as you seem to be the most knowledgeable on the topic.

The bow of my boat that is above the water line had what looked like "flowering" in an area when I purchased my used boat. It looked like the cause could have been water flowing from the holes where water from the bow deck drains. I decided to purchase the sharkhide aluminum cleaner and acid wash the boat.

This took care of a great deal of this flowering that I was seeing but it didn't quite get it all. It didn't look too bad and wasn't very noticeable so I decided this process was done. I then added two coats of Sharkhide protectant to keep the look that the acid achieved. After months I am now noticing flowering coming back and it seems to have spread. How is this possible? How do I totally get rid of this flowering corrosion and keep it from reoccurring?

Should I not use Sharkhide protectant? Thank you very much for your time! Re: Corrosion on Hull Sent: Sat Jul 25, pm From: kmorin To: bfetcho Brett, first let's make a bit of a review and then let's work toward a wider understanding of the various potential circumstances?

I'd like to work online at the Fourm but will reply here or in private email if an online discussion is not acceptable to you. My idea is that some of our discussions online allow others in similar circumstances to increase their knowledge and it helps the site to become more a clearing house for welded aluminum boat's information and that is a goal of the site admin and mine as a contributor. The Shark Hide products are sort of 'home hobby' levels of acid wash in my opinion. I'm not trying to bad mouth your choices just saying my experience is that the strong acid is more effective and I won't waste my time with the weaker solutions.

We have a post on the Forum where Capt'n Dave the JettyWolf skipper; did his hull and concluded that sharkhide acid was too wimpy - but only after he'd done all the work. If you're gonna do the work, use the strong stuff in my view??? If your solution of acid was too weak to clean all the corrosion sites? Once you have a full strength acid wash the metal should be a very clean, uniform and dull grey like unpolished silver ware A note: Lots of Stateside guys are tuned to 'looks' and their trucks and cars are polished, buffed and clean Lots of their boats match.

I'm sorry to confess Alaskans aren't all that concerned in this department so we're lousy or worse in regards some of the esthetics of metal finish. I've left hundreds of commercial boats raw etched and they're fine today, but the same can't be said about boats coated with varnish or lacquer.It took more than three years to catch the thief because he was in charge of the Hewes Marine Co.

Court documents say Christopher Randall Boring, who was considered an exemplary employee, set up cameras, conducted numerous audits and repeatedly claimed to be baffled. Boring, 40, pleaded guilty July 22 in Stevens County Superior Court to aggravated first-degree theft and aggravated first-degree trafficking in stolen property.

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He had been with the company since Februaryand resigned last August days after incriminating information was found on his work computer. A jury Wednesday convicted his wife, year-old Jody Danielle Boring, of second-degree trafficking, aggravated by large economic impact. He said the thefts began inleaving the company in a weakened condition when the recession bottomed out for the boat-building industry in In the past, Ahlborn has championed self-regulation and has opposed legislation to keep recyclers from buying stolen metal.

Now, Ahlborn said he favors tighter controls. A quick Google search would have revealed that Bella Boats is a Finnish manufacturer of fiberglass boats. Hewes credited Action Recycling for tracking down two pallets of stolen aluminum it sold to Travis Pattern and Foundry in Spokane.

Hewes said the pallets revealed that unused sheets, cut to fit a pickup, were bundled between layers of genuine scrap metal. Instead, the investigation focused on whether too much scrap was being created or billing and inventory records were wrong. Hewes said company officials realized last August that they were dealing with a thief when a box of parts showed up for sale on eBay a day after it went missing.

An online photo showed recognizable marks on the box. Attention quickly shifted to the missing aluminum sheets, and police identified Action Recycling as the purchaser in September. By John Craig johnc spokesman. He said he has little hope of recovering any of the loss.

A workforce of was cut to 40 and so far has been restored only to a few more than A police affidavit says Jody Boring also frequently took aluminum to Action Recycling. They are to be sentenced Aug. Sign up. Top stories in Spokane.A tradition of the highest level of craftsmanship and design goes into every fishing boat Hewes Marine Company creates.

A Hewescraft is an heirloom you can put to use right now. Hewescraft has been manufacturing welded aluminum boats in Colville, Washington for nearly 60 years—longer than any other aluminum boat builder on the West Coast. Our expertise and reputation has proved itself over the years. Through the years Hewescraft boats have often been copied, but never reproduced. Our thick channel supports and box beam construction provide extra structural integrity to ensure that Hewescraft boats will last a lifetime.

Our heavy gauge welded aluminum offers 10 times the sheer strength of fiberglass, significantly more durability than riveted hulls. Hewescraft engineering designs are downloaded to our computerized plasma cutter for precision cuts and repeatability in construction.

Hewescraft boats are built for serious fishermen with plenty of room for fighting fish, not the rest of the crew. Our high sides, wide gunwales and spacious design allow for pure fishing functionality. Each model we make meets or exceeds U.

Coast Guard flotation requirements. Every Hewescraft hull is water tested in our factory—something many boat manufacturers cannot claim.


We take flotation to extremes by physically swamping new models to verify safe flotation. Keeping families safe is our top priority. With our aggressive, deep-v hull design, rough waters are no match against a strong and safe Hewescraft boat.

From the Sportsman to the Sea Runner, Hewescraft boats offer a variety of canvas soft-top options in various colors and sizes.

hewescraft problems

For more extreme conditions, the ProV and Sea Runner models offer hardtop options for additional protection from the elements. Not only is aluminum stronger than fiberglass, it also weighs considerably less.

This allows your Hewescraft boat to travel farther in the water providing higher fuel efficiency and makes towing your Hewescraft easier too. Some photos show models with dealer added options. Specifications are subject to change without notice as we seek to constantly improve our products.

You can count on these versatile aluminum boats for generations of enjoyment. Open Fisherman. Pro V. River Runner. When you journey out into saltwater — salmon fishing, halibut fishing, or bottom fishing — these welded aluminum boats tested in the waters of Alaska give you the confidence to concentrate on your fun and not worry about your boat.

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Log in. Forgot password or user name? Hewes craft quality? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Big Jim House. Merry Christmas to all!

Tags: None. Comment Post Cancel. I think Patrick made a fair and unbiased assent of where the Hewes fits into things. The other thing about the Hewes is that there are so many of them, and so many people familiar with them that they sell quickly when priced right.

Hewes Searunner water trapped ??

The only point I would change in Patrick's assessment is that they are a well built boat. They have their issues I haven't dealt with any failures with the Hewescraft hull. They are utilitarian, but they hold up very well to a lot of abuse. I like my Hewes Ocean Pro, but I agree a stand up helm would be very nice. Also, I wish the cockpit drained overboard in stead of the bilge. It makes fish bleeding a mess. Other than that the lighter weight makes for much better fuel efficiency which is becoming more of an issue every year.

The welds were as good as just about anything I've looked at and the structure was impressive, more stiffeners and attention to detail than I expected.

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